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Fans Animated Stickers

Timeline: October 2019 | September 2023


A few years ago, I created this animated sticker pack for Telegram

It was a fun personal project to test out this new feature (it was pretty new back then).


I recently returned to this project, and by using Rive

I created a simple interface to preview all the stickers by clicking their related emojis.

The main features I used: Import from Lottie, Nested Artboards, and Solos.

Emojis obtained from OpenMoji.


You can try this interface right here


The Fans.png

If you are looking for a fun way 

to spice up your climate change conversation, 

you can add it to your Telegram stickers pack collection!


Thank you for watching!


Download the Telegram sticker pack

Play with the interface on Rive

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