Super Slime Simulator is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android,

developed and published by Dramaton.

  • Super Slime Simulator - Android
  • Super Slime Simulator - iOS
In-App Design

Part of my role at Dramaton was to create UI Assets for the game

and implement them in unity.


Daily Reward is a feature in Super Slime Simulator which I pitched, designed, and implemented in Unity.


For each day the user would return to the game,

they would get an increasing amount of coins.


The design of the buttons in the "Fun" area were outdated. I was called to suggest a better design.

My idea was to create clean lines together with using pictures, so it would be more pleasant looking

(which was helpful in this case).

User Acquisition Video Ads

As part of my role as motion designer at Dramaton, I created the following video ads, which are being published via ad networks, Youtube and social media.