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Totemo - Fifty Words For Time

Created for Totemo's single "Fifty Words For Time", from her album "Everything Happens Only Once".

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Collage/Mixed media animation (stop motion, 2d animation, digital cut out).


Festivals and Screenings:

  • NCCC Film & Animation Festival, Sanborn, New York, United States, May 2021 - Official Selection.

  • Audio Shoot International Music Video & Film Festival, Ireland, November 2020 - Official Selection.

  • Female Filmmaker Festival Berlin, Germany, October 2020 - Official Selection.

  • International Film and Video Festival «Catharsis», Russia, December 2019 - Semi-Finalist.

  • Cornwall Film Festival, UK, November 2019 - Official selection.

  • EyeMyth, Mumbai, November 2019 - Visual Music Showcase​.

  • Experimental Superstar, Serbia, August 2019 - Official selection.

Sneak Peek Gifs:

About the creative process:

Totemo wrote about the need for communication by music and about the process of creating music, which allows her to understand herself; this idea was portrayed in my mind as hand and eye gestures.

The design of the album inspired me to use the mentioned elements when creating the bizarre collage animation you see in the video.


Photo by Silan Dallal, Styling and art direction by Odie Senesh, Design by Yoni Levy

Since Totemo's main outfit is a kimono, I knew it had to take a major part in this project. 

The traditional symbols of a kimono are related to nature, so the animated pattern must relate to nature.

So I had my elements: hands gestures, eye gestures and the kimono.

I thought about patterns made out of hands and eyes, but was not sure how to close it together.


One of the first tests for the animation

After a shooting day of Totemo's hands and her kimono, I started combining it all together - 

creating creatures and plants and digitally embroidering them on the kimono fabric. 

At the end we have a piece of nature on the kimono which is being brought to life for a moment in the video.

Additional tests which were not included in the final animation:

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